Idleon.Site Tracker is simply Extension thats connecting to this website to store all your game data. (Demo Profile)
Disclaimer: is a player-run unofficial Legends of Idleon website.
It's NOT affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by,
or in any way officially connected with Legends of Idleonยฎ.

Download now and join other 2000+ players!


  1. Extract downloaded ZIP file to any empty directory
  2. Go to chrome://extensions or Manage Extensions
  3. Tick the Developer Mode on top right of extensions page.
  4. Click the Load Unpacked button on top left of same page
  5. Select directory where you extracted ZIP file to
  6. Open Legends of Idleon via website
  7. Open Extension by clicking its icon
If anything doesnt work, refresh game webpage and open extension again.

Known Issues & Planned Features


  • For extension to work, you need to be in a guild (subject to change)
  • For any other issue, contact me on discord: se7en#3526

Currently Working on

  • Looty mc Shooty Trackerjust fixing unobtainables and stuff...
  • Tooltips on alchemy vials/bubbles
  • More leaderboards(enough for now)


  • Corbeno (Corbeno#2280) - as i used part of his Idleon-Api-Downloader extension.
  • LavaFlame2 - for making this beautiful game.
  • gitterrost4 - for helping setting up SSL cert.
  • Many others from Official Discord that helped me testing tracker ๐Ÿ˜™